We sell seasoned firewood by the pallet already stacked and contained for you.

The price for one pallet is $125 and two pallets is $240.00 within the city limits.

One pallet is equal to 1/2 a cord. Two pallets are equal to one cord of firewood, measured 4x4x8.

It is 90% seasoned oak with a chance of small amounts of seasoned hardwoods mixed in. But all is good seasoned hot burning wood.

These are true 1/2 cords measured 4x4x4. The wood averages 18-20 inches in length.

Call for special pricing on larger or smaller size wood pieces. We have limited quantities of Hickory, Pecan and Cherry.

There is a two pallet minimum for Eads, Arlington, Southaven, Lakeland, Bartlett,  Olive Branch, and Collierville $250.00

There is a three pallet minimum for Hernando, Horn Lake, Millington, and Oakland $350

Outside of Shelby County is a three pallet minimum pallet minimum and depending on distance from Shelby County, there could be a delivery fee.

Just give us a call.