Have you looked at your trees lately?

Fall has finally arrived. Now is a perfect time to get your trees in shape for the cold winter that lies ahead.

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Horn Lake.

It is Firewood ordering time. Deliveries starting soon.

Many of us take our beautiful trees around the Memphis area for granted.

Our trees add considerable value to our property. Maintaining them is an investment in your valuable assets. Besides value, there are so many other benefits that our trees in Memphis provide. They provide shade during our steamy summers and can block northern winds in the winter. They clean our air. They take up runoff rainwater that would end up in the streets and paved lots. And one of the most important, they reduce stress. Studies have shown people are able to stay on their tasks and focus better when surrounded by trees. Let’s keep our beautiful trees in Memphis as healthy and safe as possible. They help us all have a better quality of life.

Maintenance Now Prevents Disaster Later

Give your trees a preventative checkup with a certified arborist, to make sure they are healthy and safe to
weather the years ahead. Regular tree service is the best way to maintain your tree’s health. Regular checkups can removed the deadwood and prune the tree to keep the canopy open for winds to blow through. Robinson Tree Service is your best choice for the Memphis area tree trimming and removal.

What We Can Do For You

We remove any size tree, but large tree removal is our specialty. If your tree needs removal, we can guarantee a quick, safe and clean tree removal service

Your trees are valuable assets. Protect their beauty and keep them healthy and safe with professional tree trimming with a professional certified arborist.

We can access the health of your tree with a free preventative checkup and diagnose if it is healthy or may have a disease or insect problem.

Well seasoned firewood available year round for recycled heat for your home. Also, have various woods for smoking your favorite Memphis barbecue.

Customer Service Is Our Number One Priority

We guarantee a friendly, prompt and professional tree service experience.


Commercial & Residential Tree Service

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Or email us for a free preventative check-up for your trees.

Fill out the form and tell us what kind of tree service is needed: from tree removal, trimming, to firewood or just a health check.

We have a certified arborist and professional crews who know the trees of Memphis.