Tree Trimming


Maintenance now prevents disaster later.

Tree trimming is needed periodically on your trees for several reasons. You might need limbs trimmed back from your roof to keep rodents away or the limbs brushing your shingles. You might need the limbs elevated for clearance of view and more sunlight on your lawn. There may be dead wood in your tree that needs removing or weak limbs, both posing hazards. And lastly, thinning out the canopy of your tree makes it easier for wind to blow through the tree and less likely to blow over when strong storms come through our area.

Maintaining your trees keeps them healthy and safe and in addition makes them so much more attractive. Look around at trees that have been dead wooded and thinned out and then look at some of our overgrown trees in Memphis. You will see the difference and the difference adds value to your property.

Jason Sengel is an ISA certified arborist who knows the trees of Memphis. He can give you a free estimate and preventative check to maintain your beautiful trees.