It is extremely important when you hire a tree service company to ask for their insurance certificates.

Many home owner’s policies can have restrictions and may not cover a catastrophic loss for an UNINSURED business contractor.

What are you looking for? A general liability policy with a large amount of coverage. Accidents do happen and you want to make sure your home is covered if some damage might occur. Also, a workers comp insurance policy. This policy will cover any accident that may happen to the contractor’s employees on your property.

You may find you receive a much lower quote from a tree service company compared to the others. This is a red flag that the business probably has very limited general liability or none and is not covering their employees with workers comp insurance. Always ask for a certificate and then call the insurance policy agency and verify that the policy is in good standing.

Hiring a company with little or no insurance can place you in serious liability should an accident occur to an employee, or your property or the property of others.

Robinson Tree carries a $2,000,000, general liability policy. Our workers comp insurance is $1,000,000. When you hire our tree service, you and your home are protected against any accident that may occur.