Many of us take our beautiful large trees around Memphis and the Midsouth for granted.

But should we?

Our trees add considerable value to our homes and property. First, the obvious curb appeal. If you have two homes side by side, and one has a large mature tree and the other does not, the one with the tree is going to sell much quicker. It can add 7 to 19% value to your home.

Not only does the house have more curb appeal, it will also have lower energy costs due to the shade it offers. It can reduce your home cooling bill by up to 50% and a well -positioned tree especially an Evergreen can help block the wind, thereby cutting your heating costs by 20 to 50%!

Maintaining your trees with regular pruning and dead wooding has many benefits.

When you thin out the canopy of your tree, wind can blow through it making it less likely to blow over. Removing the dead wood and weaker branches makes the tree less stressed and eliminates those branches from falling out of the tree. Robinson Tree Service has a certified arborist who knows the trees of Memphis. He will be able to give your trees a preventative checkup to make sure your trees are healthy and safe you can enjoy their beauty and value for years to come.

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