Disease & Insect Control


Diseased Tree

Firstly, there are steps you can take as a homeowner to keep your trees healthy and disease free.

• If you put mulch around your trees, leave some space around the trunk to let it breathe and avoid rotting the wood.

• Watering your trees during prolonged times of no rain. The tree’s roots move up toward the top of the ground to search for water, this can weaken the tree’s root structure.

• Proper pruning. You should always use a tree service company with a certified arborist who knows the trees of Memphis. A wrong cut can leave the tree susceptible to disease.

One of the most obvious signs of a diseased tree are visible mushrooms growing on the trunk or around the base of the tree. If you see these, it is very important you call a certified arborist to assess the health of the tree.

Robinson Tree has a certified arborist who is also a graduate urban forester. He can give your trees a preventative checkup to make sure your trees are disease free and healthy.

We also work in partnership with one of the leading experts on different diseases of the Midsouth’s trees.

Dr. Mark Follis holds a PhD in horticulture. He owns Bluff City Tree Preservation. Maintenance now prevents disaster later. A diseased tree like one with root rot may look stable. But, as soon as there is a lot of rain or a strong wind that tree most likely will blow over because the root structure has been damaged. Have you looked at your trees lately?