Tree Removal


Tree removal has to be done for different reasons.

You may want to add an addition to your house or put in a pool. But more of the more unpleasant reasons is the tree has become a hazard. This may be because its simply reached the end of its lifespan. Or, it was struck by lighting or become weakened from disease. When these reasons occur the tree has become a liability, putting your property and even you life in danger. When you do have to remove a tree because of safety, you can be assured that when choosing Robinson Tree Service, you have chosen the very best in Memphis.

We know Memphis trees and have removed hundreds of trees in the Memphis area.

One of our most frequent customer testimonies is how quickly and safely we remove trees. A lot of our customers are amazed at how quickly the service is performed and how clean the property is left after we leave. You may find that you will receive a much lower quote for removal of your tree. This is most likely because the tree service does not carry insurance for an accident to your property or to their employees. Accidents do occur, rarely, but they do happen. We are completely insured with general liability and workers comp at the highest limits.

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Stump removal is the process of grinding the stump and its roots after a tree removal.

When a tree removal is quoted, there is a separate line item for removal of the stump. If the stump is not ground it will be left cut flush to the ground. Stump grindings are either left or hauled off. If we dont’ specify in the quote hauling of the chips with the stump price then they are not hauled off but for a separate price. If we do not haul off the grindings they will be pushed back into the hole. Any excess over the hole may be used to mulch your beds.
Prices vary on the size of the stump and how many roots outlay around the stump.